February 6th, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

tv: Afterimage

As of about an hour ago, I've now seen all of Deep Space Nine. The last episodes, which I have seen before, are much more powerful after seven years of backstory. Watching these beautifully complex characters makes me wonder how my view of Voyager will change because of them. They built some interesting relationships in DS9, and I'm thinking that some of Voyager make look pale in comparison. We'll see when they start releasing them in a couple weeks.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

d2d: Veni, Vidi, Rock Out

I keep forgetting to post this . . .

MY iPOD CAME YESTERDAY! It's beautiful, it transfers songs from the computer at blazing speeds, and it sounds great. I can't wait for all the little accessories I ordered to ship.
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Kissing Angie (Drunk)

school: look out, little children

here I come.

Remember when I said I had to go take the MTTC Guidance Counselor examination? And that I hoped the Standardized Test Gods smiled upon me?

They were grinnin' like fiends (sorry. I can't even type hip-hop, my nizzles)

Test Date: 01/10/2004



Test: 051 Guidance Counselor
Status: Pass
Total Score: 268
Minimum Passing Score: 220

Of course, I'm now irritated that I answered 16 of the 150 questions incorrectly. I looked at the study guide for less than fifteen minutes! I need to take a laxative, or something.

What should I do to celebrate the State of Michigan saying I'm smart enough to work with small Michiganders? I think I'll have some ice cream, for starters.
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