March 12th, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

gratitude: five things before my three o'clock client arrives

1. I'm grateful for the Practice Planners series of Treatment Planner books. Lots of great ideas. I'm all about buying them, one at a time (they are EXPENSIVE).

2. I'm grateful that The Body Shop consultant called me back. I could be a Body Shop at Home consultant very soon! Set a spa date with me! Please.

3. I'm grateful that Monette (my cat) is like my child. He chose to use the litter box right after I cleaned it this morning, and I took pride in his healthy elimination. I've become Celine Dion in her Marie Clare interview, talking about her child's poop. It was the most beautiful number 2, in dee wohld!

4. I'm grateful that Mike will be here in a few hours. I would like to find some time alone with him this weekend, to check in with him. It's amazing, I never thought I would be this intimate with a male friend.

5. I'm grateful for this amazing cinnamon apple candle. I think it's Home Interiors (it's in a hexagonal jar, and who else does that but Home Interiors), and it has a smell that is intense, but not overpowering.