May 26th, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

lj: I'm looking for a new host, baby, yeah yeah yeah

Since the apartment complex is severing their relationship with Charter this summer, I need to find a new picture hosting service. So far, in the short time I've been researching, appears to be the best service with the best price. But I want to hear from you, so . . .

Poll #299038 The Picture Host with the Most

Is Hostwave a good picture hosting service?

Yes, I use or have used them myself
Yes, I've heard good things about them
No, I've heard bad things about them
No, I've used them myself
I have a Picture Hosting service that is much better (Please leave comment)

Comments, or other good(and cheap!) picture hosting services

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hedwig (by radiocure)

roommates: Can you hear me now? NO!

Thanks to Jason's complete disregard to our cell phone plan, our phones were temporarily suspended this morning for going over our spending limit. He used $150 in extra minutes!!! Having my phone not work this morning was both embarassing and inconvenient.

But then I started thinking, since Jason is in California, and he has been sleeping in, he will probably never even know that we got suspended this morning. To quote my conversation with Sprint "I was inconvenienced by his spending, and I'll be damned if he won't be inconvenienced by this!".

So, after service was restored, I decided to suspend his phone. I sent him this text message first:
277.53!!! We'll talk about this tomorrow, but that's okay, because you won't be talking until then anyway.
Then I put a secondary password on the account, so he couldn't reinstate his own service.

But I have to ask you . . .
Poll #299245 Am I petty?

Was I wrong to suspend Jason's Cell?

No, I'd turn it off for longer than a day, if it were me
No, he inconvenienced you and deserves this!
Yes, you don't know how pivotal his cell is while he's in California
Yes, this is just mean
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