June 13th, 2004

happy is what happens (by tyllisium)

d2d: 3.5 more hours!!!

I'm so bored with being at work. Someone come spring me from this pit. At least it's free air conditioning, and it is both hot and humid outside. I'm actually a bit cold at the moment.

Had the weirdest dreams between calls this morning. I helped someone escape from a bad person, but felt that I was doing the wrong thing, and then the person I helped, along with another person who helped us, were enslaved.

Dream 2 - I was working at the grocery store, but got a great sales job, so I was planning to quit. Rusty came in (He was working for Frito Lay, the job he got after he quit Felpausch), and I knew that I should apologize to him before I left Felpausch. Once I decided this, however, I couldn't find him anywhere in the store (and then I woke up).

Am I still feeling guilty about Rusty? I have to own the fact that I let my dislike of him and my loyalty to Bridget convince me that I was doing the right thing, fighting him every step of the way when he wanted to change how we did things, shooting holes in every one of his at least passable ideas. I enjoyed making him look stupid, and letting Bridget (the number 2 person in the store) know everytime he screwed up so she could ride his ass. I can't blame it all on her; I followed her example, true, but I could have been less willing to make things bad for him. I know I wasn't his only reason for quitting, but I was part of it. So, for the record, I'm sorry Rusty. You didn't deserve all the shit you were given. I think I actually felt threatened by having to share the service counter with another man. I need to look deep to see if I really am that sexist. Well, enough for now.
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