June 21st, 2004

Felcity (by katalibria)

dream: the red head bait and switch

Had a dream last night that I was marrying Rollie Ferris, someone I've never been overly attracted to (he is kind of cute). Check this pic, stolen from my high school's website (he teaches there now, but he was only a grade or two ahead of me)

Fortunately, for me, his 6'1" blond wife, Marie (who I once worked with at the grocery store) wasn't featured. Amazonian bitch. Anyway, we were married, and for some reason, all of the wedding guests were accompanying us to our new home, which I had never seen (and it was somewhere over by Martin (who'd want to live there, ick)). We get there, I'm standing on the threshold, and my spouse steps up to enter the house with me, except it's now Autumn (another red head, to clarify the post subject), one of my closest high schools friends. We kiss (again, ick) and I wake up.

I've had so many strange dreams lately. We'll see what my afternoon nap brings.
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so good inside (by ??? please tell me so

music: Karate-oke goodness!

scurtigirl1, you need to come to Peeville. Why? I'm ordering the Wicked Karaoke CD on Thursday and I need a duet partner for For Good!

I've had a major hard on for Wicked today. I haven't listened to it recently, but today I can't stop listening to the Wizard and I and I'm Not That Girl, two songs I've never really listened to.
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    Wicked - The wizard and I