July 19th, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

tv: A night with the idiot box

hbo, I hate you. I didn't think that you could give us a bigger steaming pile of crap than seasons 3-5 of The Sopranos, but then you gave us the current season of Six Feet Under. Thank you for showing me that you are capable of sinking to even lower depths. When I cancel Starz and Cinemax next month, you may be going with them. If it weren't for those damn special events, I wouldn't be wavering at all.

showtime, kind of weak as QAF finales go, but good directions for character development in the new season. Just rewatched the DLM episode Vacation, so I'm way excited for DLM to start next week. Please learn something from HBO and don't give up on quality just because you have a cult following. Realize that you still need to please the viewers, or we will turn on you (p.s. I'm CCing you the hate letter I'm writing to HBO. I'm serious)