August 29th, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

trivia: Who got to ride in the big boat?

Had a conversation with someone the other day about the passengers on Noah's Ark. I thought it was Noah and his wife and Noah's sons and their wives. The other person thought that Noah's daughters and their husbands were also on board.

Turns out I was right (for a non-christian, I'm quite adept at bible trivia). Thank you internet bible concordance. Also, thank you Madeline L'Engle for Many Waters, probably the real reason I know anything about Noah. You just can't read about the Murray family without reading about the one adventure the twins get to have (excluding their brief appearances in Poly's life in the later books).

Thinking about the Murray books, I'm realizing I kind of had a crush on Charles Wallace. Do you think he was a 'mo? I'm pretty sure that the later books don't mention a love interest (he's always travelling for the government).
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hedwig (by radiocure)

movies: Disney stuff

- Why didn't I get the memo that Disney made A Wrinkle in Time into a movie(see previous post)? It doesn't look like it's airing on disney right now, but it will be out on DVD in November.

- Clay Aiken recorded Proud of Your Boy for the Aladdin platinum edition DVD. John Barrowman was robbed.

- Holt shit!!! I switched back to for a minute and saw that THEY ARE MAKING MOVIES OF THE NARNIA SERIES. I think I just peed a little. They are starting with the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, thumbing their nose at the reordering of the series in recent years. Hopefully HP and LOTR have set the bar high enough that these won't suck. Of course, I've never watched the BBC versions. Watchable?
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lj: A meme that I've resisted . . . UNTIL NOW

Given my recent LJsilence, I thought I would take part in the interview meme that is probably the longest running meme in LJhistory (if there are no more CHEERuptions). For those unfamiliar with the rules . . .

1 -- Leave a comment to this post requesting to be interviewed.
2 -- I will respond by asking five questions.
3 -- You will post the questions I asked you, along with your truthful responses in your own journal.
4 -- You'll include these or similar instructions along with your answers.
5 -- You'll ask other people five questions when they request to be interviewed.

Interviewed by thelast5years
1. What's your favorite musical theater song?
This answer changes more often than my hair color! I'm a sucker for the sad and/or angry songs that really show us the inner workings of a character. Right now, I'm all about Lot's Wife from Caroline, or Change, but some songs I've obsessed over in the past include Anyone Can Whistle from ACW, Please from Miss Saigon, Twisted Every Way from Phantom, If I Didn't Believe in You from L5Y(honestly, all of L5Y), Words he Doesn't Say from Romance Romance, and She's a Woman from Kiss of the Spider Woman.

2. Have you ever been married?
No. ewww, taco.

3. What's your favorite book?
non-fiction - Becoming a Man by Paul Monette. Fiction - The Dark Tower series by Stephen King (is it Sep 24, yet?)

4. What's your guilty musical pleasure?
Oklahoma. I hate all the other R&H stuff, but love Oklahoma. I swore my first voice teacher to secrecy, and would sing it in lessons.

5. What is your name?
Stewart Thomas Hadley, Jr.
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