September 4th, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

music: Divas, the "before I hated them" special

I've splurged, and bought a lot of old music over the last month or so. Some of my purchases include the early works of divas I am now really irritated by, namely Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. I bought . . .

Mariah Carey - self-titled album (it was stolen out of my car last summer), emotions (had it on tape: haven't seen it in years), music box (never actually owned, 'til now), and daydream (had cd, but haven't seen it in years either). anything past this point is her "trash-ho" phase.

Whitney Houston - self-titled album (had on tape), Whitney (step-sister stole my tape and then lost it in late 1987, along with Belinda Carlisle; I was pissed (definitely a point for the biologically gay argument)), and I'll be your baby tonight(also had the tape). POINT: I already have the Bodyguard on CD, and I have the GH set for the few newer songs that are (barely) tolerable.

The point of this post, however . . .
Whitney, on the Whitney album***, covered I Know Him So Well, from Chess! She partnered with Cissy Houston, and it was okay. Not superb, but okay. It's just funny that I would have heard this version several times, but never recognized it when I heard the Barbra cover in '96 (which led me to check out the OBC from the library).

Sorry for the babble, procrastinating at work is fun!!!

***Who, after releasing a self-titled album, names their second album after just their first name? Why isn't Be Your Baby called Whit? or W? She could call the newer stuff HOuston. sorry doubleplusgood.
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