October 1st, 2004

Jake and Ben (by brainache)

books: an ending

ending is just another word for goodbye

I've finished The Dark Tower. While I was put-off from the book in several parts (it's hard to explain, but I didn't feel as connected to this one as I had to past books), I'm thinking he did it on purpose. There's no way to really break away from this series without leaching away the intensity of it.

I'm sure I'll chew on this for a while, make my peace with it.

Jason and Laura stopped by with the gamecube. Maybe it's ka telling me to leave this alone for now.
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me in B&W

omt: age is nothing but a label

I had forgotten about this until just now, trying to force myself to fall asleep. While at Wheatland, Carol, JoAnne, and I were "discussing" age labels, and we disagreed on what band I now fell in.

Time for you to weigh in . . .

Poll #359242 An argument about banding

27 years of age can be labeled as

Early Twenties
Early-to-Mid Twenties
Mid Twenties
Mid-to-Late Twenties
Late Twenties
ummm, what was the question?
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