October 25th, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

tv: Desperate Housewives, Breathless Viewers

Thank you, ABC, for Desperate Housewives. While it may not be consistantly funny, it usually manages to make me bellow at least once an episode.

Dreams not involving a thong. or a pole

I couldn't stop laughing over this scene. Hell, I'm still laughing. Marcia Cross has been my hero ever since The Scar, even though it was her exaggerated plots that were the beginning of Melrose Place going from bad to ludricrously bad.

With that said . . .

Good Evening, Mrs. Huber.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

d2d: Little moments of pleasantness

1. Recalling Dead Like Me last night and chuckling over Crystal's job before she came to Happy Time (don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet)

2. Finding out that I didn't say something horrible to Marcia on Friday when she was part of the incident that resulted in me wearing a large glass of Skyy Vanilla Vodka.

and the best part . . .

3. Realizing that the bill I payed wasn't $265 but $205.65, meaning I'm not completely penniless until Friday!
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