November 4th, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

d2d: oobladee, oobladah

Life goes on.

A huge thank you to everyone who offered supportive statements yesterday. They warmed me when I felt totally alienated. Your statements, and Schindler's List, helped me move past the pain.

I think I've decided what I need to do to get through this, how to channel this energy in positive ways instead of wallowing in bad thoughts.

No, I'm not going to throw rocks at Red Lobster patrons.

I am, however, going to create religious tracts to place under their windshield wipers. If the super-conservative people can distribute tracts, so can I. Tracts that talk about how a person can be gay and religious, if they choose to be.

I need to put all my energy toward graduating right now, so I'm only thinking about my christmas card tract. Come January however, provided I haven't lost interest, it's on.

The cover for the Red Lobster crowd "Has your meal kept you from Eternal Salvation?"