December 3rd, 2004

hedwig (by radiocure)

d2d: Tonight, on a very special Blossom

All I'm saying is, if the five people met in heaven aren't Lynette, Susan, Bree, Gabrielle, and James, I don't really care. Yep, read the book, still don't care. ABC, stop preempting your best show!

End of rant.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

d2d: Some fun quotes from a website

If you can't stand solitude,..... maybe you bore others, too

When their numbers dwindled from 50 to 8, the other dwarves began to suspect Hungry.

In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. [Dr. Martin Luther King, JR]

Many of them were good, but I particularly liked these three.
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