February 4th, 2005

me in B&W

d2d: staying alive

Wow, I haven't read in a week, or posted in two.

I'm still alive, I think. Yep, found a pulse.

For not doing a whole lot, I don't seem to have much time. Must figure out where it's all going. Well, I know where a lot of it went, KOTOR II was a full time job until I beat it on Monday (All hail Vala Dran, Sith Bitch extraordinaire!).

Now to catch up on your lives, off to my friends page.

EDIT: I'm tired, I'm off to bed. Hope I didn't miss too much in your journals, as I only got back to the first.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

d2d: A thought for today

This came in an email today.

. . . what is true needs no defense and what is false cannot be defended. Our lesson -- if we will teach it -- is the realization that people only feel the need to attack what frightens them and that we need never live in fear of any frightened person.

If you want to read the whole bit, it's behind here
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