February 6th, 2005

hedwig (by radiocure)

d2d: A day in film

Did a double feature with my friend Carol today. Saw Million Dollar Baby and Sideways. I built up MDB too much in my head, so was a little disappointed (it was still amazing, just not as great as I wanted it to be). Sideways was fun; The Wing's guy character is so like a prick acquaintance of mine it's scary. I was hoping he'd get hit by a bus or something, but I guess art must imitate life and the prick gets everything he wants out of life, too.

I swear Sideways is propaganda for the wine industry. I bought a bottle tonight, and hated it (a Rose).

Just finished watching Love Actually (never saw it before tonight). It was okay.

Well, as active as I've been today (movies movies movies), I'm exhausted. I was going to stay up to pick a fight with Jason when he came home from work (a story for another post), but I don't have the energy to display proper indignation.
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