May 7th, 2005

hedwig (by radiocure)

money: The cost of living

I received my social security estimate again today (I love when it comes), and should I become disabled, I would qualify for $871/month in benefits. I take home approximately twice that amount now, and while I'm not destitute, I would have a very hard time making it on much less than what I take home now. Come July, when I have to start making student loan payments, I'll need to pinch every penny. I don't see how disabled people survive on that check alone. In a twisted way, it makes me thankful for my education (such that it is and isn't).

I have enough credits to qualify for retirement now, too, not that it's going to be there for me. In 2044, when I turn 67, the social security trust will have been bankrupt for two years (provided nothing changes in ss legislation), according to the commisioner's note at the beginning of the statement.

Considering all this, I'm kind of kicking myself for not restarting my retirement savings again. I can't wait until my loans are paid off, I'll be paying those off until I'm ready to retire. Time to get my finances in shape. Thank you, SSA letter.
hedwig (by radiocure)

movie: rinse and never repeat

Can someone explain to me the significance of Shampoo, or any rationale for this movie being considered noteworthy enough to be remembered more than five minutes after it opened in theaters? Well it did have two saving graces, Warren Beatty's ass (wow, he was good looking in '75), and Goldie Hawn was decent at the beginning of the film (she later slipped into the angry girlfriend routine that she perfected in Bird on a Wire blech), but on the whole I found it terrible. George's actions appear to have no motivation, and his desires change faster than his clients can rip off their panties. The last major shift of his made no sense at all, unless you make an argument that George is just imitating Norman because he has no desires of his own, so he now wants to have a family.

I just don't know. Please comment if you have any insight.

p.s. I guess a movie that has the quote "I want to suck this man's cock" can't be all bad. In my experience, I've enjoyed other movies that have that line, anyway ;-)
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