June 11th, 2005

hedwig (by radiocure)

books: Tripping the Light fantastic

And if, in addition, the heart has been left behind as positively as a piece of baggage, the tourist is apt to suffer more than tourists generally do. From The Light in the Piazza by Elizabeth Spencer.

Reading The Light in the Piazza this weekend, as the movie and the bits of the musical that I've heard had made me hungry for more. It isn't a bad read, but I keep getting the feeling that I'm not understanding something. Maybe I just can't fully comprehend the complex emotions that a mother would experience in this situation.

I plan on adventuring out after work to try to find the cast recording. Lots of luck in Mount Pleasant, I know. I'll probably have to resort to the internet. I guess I could try to get my car to Midland to go to Best Buy.

As of now, I plan on trying a counter tenor version of The Light in the Piazza, as I just like the way it sounds in my head voice. If I get up the nerve, I'll post it.
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