June 15th, 2005

Weird Romance

music: Above and beyond the call of duty

Scotty and I went to Midland Sunday to find The Light in the Piazza and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Best Buy didn't have them. A week after the Tony's, and a Best Buy didn't have two shows that were heavily featured!

I officially live in the middle of nowhere.

Then I remembered that Midland also had a Barnes and Noble, which, lucky for me, carried both cds. So, I paid B&N music dept prices, but I think I still came out ahead of what I would have paid to buy them online and have them shipped. On top of that, I remembered that I had part of a gift card left in my wallet, so I "saved" an additional ten dollars and some change. Not bad at all.

I'm in love with both of them. Piazza saves the bomb drop for later in the production than either the book or the movie, and I kind of like that.

With regard to Spelling Bee: I would have never guessed that the definition of Chimerical would make me cry. The I Love You Song rips my heart out.
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tv: 30 days

Just watched the first episode of 30 Days, where Morgan Spurlock attempts to trade on his SuperSize Me fame and embrace some aspect of american life for 30 days. Today's topic, living on minimum wage.

First thought - he cheated by having his fiance do it with him, creating extra income for utilities and stuff.

I got over that, though, as the whole show washed over me and depressed the hell out of me. True, I saw them make choices that I wouldn't see some of my clients make, like going to see the doctor(I have a client who shits blood, and I can't get her to see a doctor), but nothing out of their story seemed extremely inaccurate. One truly shocking moment: a sign in the temp agency where Morgan is working states that a worker will be docked $1/hour if a customer complains about them. How many clients complain to save money? It's like stories I hear about migrant work; supposedly, room and board and other penalties get taken out of their paychecks until they are left with almost nothing. Basically, they're slaves with a nicer title.

It puts my problems into prospective. Yeah, I'm not breaking the bank with my payrate, and my health insurance still hasn't become effective (stupid insurance agent), but I have some wiggle room in emergencies. If I had still been working at just Listening Ear when Monette got sick, I probably would have had to put him to sleep. No way could I afford an extra $1000 of medical expenses. I'll barely be able to afford my student loan payment next month with my other bills, so I guess I'm really still in the bracket of the working poor. At least I have the comfort of knowing that this is my entry level pay, and I can expect to go up from here significantly.

I'm all over the place with this issue, thinking about things like jobs that seem like better paying jobs but aren't. Take my job at the credit union where I had to buy dress clothes, which are more expensive than casual clothes (for men, at least. I don't buy much from the women's department). In the end, my extra pay went into replacing clothes that had worn out.

I can't think about this anymore, I'm really getting upset. I'm off to finish reunion stuff and listen to cheer up music.