June 25th, 2005

hedwig (by radiocure)

tv: Feel good tv for the whole family

Into The West - It's like severe depression, but with relatively famous actors.

Anyone else want to come with an accurate way to market it?

ITW - All the angst of teenage years, now expanded to several generations!
ITW - It's emo music, without the happiness.
ITW - Even if he does reunite Smashing Pumpkins, Billy is just too cheery for us.
ITW - America the beautiful?

my current favorite . . .
ITW - For those who thought Steven Spielberg sugar-coated Schindler's List

And even in the depths of it all, it's not that good. Thunder Heart Woman's plot arc really moved me, but the rest is an adventure in "eh". Keri Russell had all of 10 minutes of screen time in the one two-hour segment she appeared in.

Back to the tv, to watch A Star is Born. Occasionally, I add a gay standard to my netflix queue, to see if I'm missing anything.

ITW - Little House on the Prarie - as interpreted by Courtney Love
ITW - MC Hammer's review of the piece "Stop, slaughter time!"
ITW - A bigger disaster than Tom Cruise's PR