July 26th, 2005

hedwig (by radiocure)

This isn't my fault, is it?

My Saturn return isn't supposed to fuck with everyone else, is it? Today has been a day of bitch slaps.

First, I found out that the court royally fucked my two clients who were sentenced yesterday. They delayed the sentencing of one; the other, they switched prosecutors on, and in the blink of an eye, changed his sentence from 5-23 months jail to 23 months to 20 years prison. His wife is having a baby in seven weeks. I realize that a crime was committed by him, but what the court did to him isn't remotely moral.

Second, a dear friend of mine is getting a divorce. I feel bad, because I didn't see them lasting, and yet I participated in their ceremony. I just realized something, in a strange tangent- I'm 1 & 4 for weddings where I'm in the wedding party; one is still together after nine years, the others have fallen apart. Two lasted less than a year! I'm the I Honestly Love You of groomsmen(for those that have seen The Wedding Planner)! mister_biv and curlycutie may want to rethink my participation in their nuptials.
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