October 2nd, 2005

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A meme, by way of zatanna
List ten things that make you happy in no particular order, then tag 10 people to do the same:

-being carded (I'm keeping this one from zatanna)
-The edges of Monette's ears, where they are just a little bit lighter grey than the rest of the ear(what can I say, he's drawing my attention because he's making a mess of my kitchen floor with his food right now)
-watching my way through 24 (I'm one disc into season 2!)
-Netflix (my 24 dealer, and provider of other dvdeliciousness)
-"Oh my god, I haven't heard this song in . . ." moments
-Friends that say "ok" when you tell them, "no, I really can't drink tonight" but let you drink your way through a pint of rum anyway (and yet, I'm still awake this ungodly early on a Sunday morning)
-Thinking about how, a week from now, provided I get off my ass and order the tickets, I will be basking in the afterglow of having seen the waaaayyyy hotttt Rufus Wainwright in concert. Man, I wish Regina Spektor was going to be with him here, too, and not just in New York.
-Counting Crows are really doing it for me this morning, too. I wish I knew the name of this song (I'm too lazy to walk across the room), because it just had the lyric "I'm not sleeping anymore" coincidence? no, synchronicity.
-I have a DVR again! As god as my witness, Desperate Housewives will be commercial free from now on!
-Stephen Sondheim. Before I finally gave up on sleeping and got up, I laid in bed and put Fay on random. Sondheim singing Anyone Can Whistle came up. I'm so making those cds my next music purchase.

Well, since I'm up, I might as well wash the dishes. You're tagged for this, if you want to do it. You know me and chain anything, I'm all about no pressure. Well, some pressure is okay in certain daisy chain situations.
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