December 14th, 2005

hedwig (by radiocure)


Gmail's new newsticker feature must die. Anyone know if it can be turned off? Just like the ads that run on the side, it picks up on keywords in the email, and displays what it believes to be relevant websites or news that may interest you.

When you're on your Spam tab, it displays Spam recipe links.

Spam is my kryptonite; if I'm ever sent to room 101, it will be there. I'm not joking, I'm clinching my throat as hard as I can right now, my eyes are tearing as I'm trying not to think about velvety spam turnovers or spam fajitas or gingery spam salad. I didn't make those up, I wish I had.

The oddest thing about my phobic approach to this notmeat is that I'm not sure if I've ever eaten it. I remember being offered it at snack time in preschool and turning it down because I knew at the core of my being that it wasn't something I ever wanted in my mouth.

I've eaten Mcdonald's hamburger, and I have a fear of Spam. huh.

Well, I'm facing my fear. I'm sure as hell not going to eat it, but I refuse to let it clench my stomach the way it is. Let the exposure therapy begin!

I just popped over to gmail, and found that it is easy to turn off webclips (that's what they call them), but I'm going to keep them on, try to face this down.
hedwig (by radiocure)

each one more horrifying than the one before

Decided to look into the face of evil, there are 39 recipes on that fricking link!

1. Coconut Beer Batter Spam with Raspberry Horse
2. Creamy Spam Broccoli Casserole
3. Cricket's Spam Quiche
4. Easy Spam Triangles
5. French Fry Spam Casserole
6. Gingered Spam Salad
7. Healthy Spam Peppers
8. Savory Spam Crescents
9. Spam A La King
10. Spam Ala Gary
11. Spam Ala Gary
12. Spam Breakfast Burritos
13. Spam Broccoli Pecan Salad
14. Spam Confetti Pasta
15. Spam Denver Biscuit Souffle
16. Spam Fajitas
17. Spam Hashbrown Bake
18. Spam Hashbrown Bake
19. Spam Hot And Spicy Stir-Fry
20. Spam Hot Vegetable Salad Sandwiches
21. Spam Imperial Tortilla Sandwiches
22. Spam Meal In A Bundle
23. Spam Primavera
24. Spam Primavera
25. Spam Salad Cones
26. Spam Skillet Casserole
27. Spam Stew With Buttermilk Topping
28. Spam Strudels With Mustard Sauce
29. Spam Stuffed Potatoes Florentine
30. Spam Swiss Pie
31. Spam Vegetable Casserole
32. Spam Vegetable Soup With Cheese-Topped Croutons
33. Spam Vegetable Strudel
34. Spam Veggie Pita Pockets
35. Spam-Bolaya
36. Spam-Mac Casserole
37. Spicy Spam Kabobs
38. Tyrospamites
39. Vineyard Spam Salad

Whoever put Spam and Healthy in the same recipe title needs to be given a definition of healthy. I'm going back now, I have this need to know what a tyrospamite is. EDIT: Turns out it's like spanokopita, which I don't particularly care for, even without spam.

for the brave . . .
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