March 12th, 2006

hedwig (by radiocure)

Faith +1: callback edition

Change of plans today, as usual. Instead of a two-for, revisiting First Church of Christ and then hitting M's choice, we just did our second visit to FCC, as M and E didn't come with us this morning. While not as powerful as our first visit (my tendency to ruin things with my expectations strikes again), it was still an engaging sermon. I'm struggling, though. They are, very clearly, a 'christ died for your sins so you can have everlasting life' kind of church, and that's not my take on the situation. So, do I commit to a church where I'm always interpreting the sermon in my head, translating it into something palatable for a person who sees Jesus as an awesome role model, but doesn't view the resurrection and the cleansing of sin that comes with it as a literal thing, or do I return to the UU church, where everyone's beliefs have equal weight so everything kind of feels diluted to avoid stepping on the toes of others? Or the third path, continue on?

I guess I'm continuing on for now, but I feel like I need to settle into a church for awhile to help me decide what I want in a church.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

I need MA, and not the one where I can get married

Couldn't help myself at Walgreen's just now, bought some cocoa butter hand cream that was on sale for $5. On the way home, I joked that more moisturizer was just what I need. Why have 70 creams, when you can have 71? At home, sitting in the living room, I realize I can see more than 5 kinds of moisturizer without getting up or straining my neck.

Do I have a problem?

Looking at substance abuse criteria, I'm in the clear, not meeting any of the four criteria.

Dependence however . . .

1. Do you use more of your substance now to achieve the same effect that you used to get? Yup.
2. Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you don't use your substance? Yup.
3. Do you ever use your substance more than you intended or for longer than you intended? Yup.
4. Do you have a persistent desire or recurrent attempts to reduce your use. Nope
5. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about using, using, or recovering from the effects of using, or have you ever gone to great lengths to obtain your substance? Well, I've made a special trip to Lansing before (60 miles) because The Body Shop was having a sale, so YUP.
6. Do you give up important activities to use? Nope.
7. Do you continue to use your substance even though it exacerbates a physical or mental problem? Since my hands are super dry without it, I have to say YUP.

You only have to meet 3 to be classified dependent. When you meet number 1 or 2, you are classied as dependent with physiological dependence. So I have . . .
304.90 Moisturizer Dependence with Physiological Dependence

Anyone know where I can hit an MA meeting? Preferably, one that is not near a Body Shop, Trade Secret, or other store that sells nice moisturizers.
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