March 15th, 2006

hedwig (by radiocure)

meds, meds, meds

Had my followup with my pcp this morning. After six weeks of tricor, my triglycerides went down 23 points.

Yup, just 23 points. Only 77 more points to go.

We talked about my sleep and inattention issues, decided to make no changes to the Requip or the Wellbutrin, but upped the Tricor to the Big Dosetm, and he finally agreed to give me some Ambien. Getting a sleep aid out of this man is like pulling teeth, but he agreed to a ten-day trial.

I feel like an old man, taking four prescription meds. I have to keep telling myself that it's only for now, as the plan is that once my sleep stabilizes, the wellbutrin shouldn't be necessary, as I expect adequate sleep to resolve the inattention issues. Also, once I'm sleeping better, I should have the energy to exercise more, which should resolve the apnea and triglyceride issues. Once I pull all that off, I will just be left with my restless leg med, which would be cool. I may even be able to come off that, as many people control their symptoms with yoga or other stretching exercises.

Better living through chemistry, I guess.
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