April 1st, 2006

masturbate or lj? (by coell)

I'm just saying

Okay, Google's April Fool's is so kicking LJ's April Fool's Ass. I can actually think of some good that could come out of Contextual Datingtm, offering something you can talk about in those horrible lulls in conversation. The FAQ was particularly nice.

Of course, with the HMS Fitzpatrick on the horizon, LJ may have a second phase of this coming. I guess I'll stay tuned.
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so good inside (by ??? please tell me so

A1 +1

Yeah, Broadwayworld topped Google, with a mock interview with Sondheim "Songs I wish I had never written". Thanks to a lj community post, or I would have never seen it.

My two favorite bits:

“Giants In The Sky” from Into The Woods: Fellas, a bit of advice. If you’re over eighteen you should not be singing this song at auditions. Really. Go back to “Corner of the Sky” or something.

There are fifty other songs on the list, including “Do I Hear A Waltz?” (“Waltzing with her cat?”) and the entire score of Passion (“There really is such a thing as being too artistic.”).

Here is a link to the post in the community, if you're interested.
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