May 26th, 2006

hedwig (by radiocure)

Perfecting an awful russian accent

Thank you, Orson Scott Card, for naming one of your chapters Squirrel and Moose.  I've spent the last hour working on my Natasha impression.  The  closest I can come sounds more like Moose and Squiddle.

I wonder if Bullwinkle contained any propaganda messages, well other than russians are bad. 

Which got me wondering about other 1970s progaganda . . .

Why did Marsha, Jan, and Cindy take the Brady last name?  Why didn't the children ever have visitation with their other parent (didn't Mike's wife die?)?  If I were Marsha's dad, I would be pretty freaked out over the sexual tension between her and Peter. 

I can just imagine some of the conversations in that house . . .

Marsha(seductively):  What do you think of my outfit, Peter?
Peter: You dressed up like Cindy last time!
Marsha: I thought you liked it when I played Cindy?  I thought you THaid my LiTHp waTH THeKTHy?
Peter: I think you're thinking of Alice.
Marsha: I thought she liked it when I pretended to be Sam the Butcher?
Peter: That's Dad's thing.  How's your Mom impression?
Marsha: I'll get the Wesson
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