May 28th, 2006

hedwig (by radiocure)

Wood or Silverware? Thoughts on five years

Dear LJ,

Happy fifth anniversary! It's hard to believe we've lasted this long, as my past journal relationships ended quickly and were never thought of again.  I guess you have what it takes to keep me coming back.  Lately, I've become much more of a LJ reader than writer, but the best of all relationships change over time. 

Here's to many more!

I popped around my journal, read the first post and a few others from the years, trying to gauge how I've changed.  Looking at the blessings and the setbacks that I wrote about, it doesn't feel right to measure my progress based on where I've been. I'd rather look at where I'm heading. 


I was going to do this big reflection thing, but it just hasn't surfaced in me.  For another day, perhaps.