June 16th, 2006

hedwig (by radiocure)

the golden aura of the bathroom light

Feeling as lonely as a ghost town whore, left still standing up somehow.

I knew there was a song lyric to sum up how I'm feeling. Thank you, Joshua.

Having friends come to Mount Pleasant last week (our kickoff for mister_biv and curlycutie's wedding) was a wonderful time, and helped me remember a mt p that was all about laughter, late nights, and piles of inside jokes and taunts.  Unfortunately, the friends didn't stay, leaving me to my present day peezee, a grand ballroom converted to office space. 

Yesterday, Scotty, another friend from the ballroom era, one of the very few left in mt p, accepted a job in North Dakota.  We've all moved on, yet geographically, I've stayed.  Having visual reminders of our past sucks sometimes. 

So, time for this whore to dust off her petticoat and skirt, and get back to business in this town.  I haven't seen some of the officespace era friends recently, which makes it easy to feel lonely.  Time to reconnect, expand the circle of friends, and return to mt p the way it is.  For all that it's the middle of nowhere, I like living here. It won't be forever, but it feels good right now. 
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