June 17th, 2006

hedwig (by radiocure)

Personally, I blame Nick Hornby

I'm reading Songbook, Nick Hornby's love letter to some of his favorite songs. I've started to gather some of the more promising songs and check them out.

How have I never heard You Had Time by Ani Difranco before?  It's so awesome. I've seen the china shop line quoted somewhere, have no idea where, but I've never heard the song before today.  My passion for Ani is like my thing for DMB; I'll never love the whole catalog, but some of the songs are some of the most perfect I've ever heard.  This song joins 32 flavors, untouchable face. and 'tis of thee on my Ani pedestal.  It's nice to put something else up there instead of her rage rock that I need to hear at times. 

Thanks to iTunes and all the info it likes to collect, I can tell you that I added the song to my library at 1039a this morning, and have listened to the entire song eight times so far. Of course, it's playing right now also, and iTunes stats don't take into account the number of times I've jumped to an earlier part of the song before the track has reached the absolute end (which is when iTunes increments its counter, for those of you dying to know the quirks of Apple's memory hog media library app). 

Anyone familiar with the song who can throw me a "if you like that, you'll LOVE LOVE LOVE . . ."  bone?  I could use an entire playlist of songs like this, tender and passionate without being too emotional. Something I can connect to that won't make me sad or enraged.  The Desree song from Romeo + Juliet may make the list, but it really comes close to being too emotional for me at times.  I feel sorry for tick043 and mister_biv, who had to listen to me hum or sing along to it about a thousand times last week, after it became the official theme of me writing my wedding toast. 

I look forward to your suggestions.
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