June 24th, 2006

Moist Again! Again!

Some not so fresh thinking to start my day

As I'm woke up this morning, it struck me just how horrible a brand name Summer's Eve is.  As in, "This is what happens before it gets HOT!". Makes me wonder if sexual encounters have ever been called off on account of hoo-hoo aroma concerns.  My mind is in such an odd place this morning, I haven't laughed this hard over something so base since . . .

Moist Again, the feminine dryness product responsible for years of inside jokes between me, steffer71, Bill W (not THE Bill W, I'm not that old!), and other assorted guest stars.  I've always been sad that they stopped making it before I could buy a box.

BUT WAIT! This post sent me to the internet to see if I could find any new info, and PLACES ARE SELLING IT! Rite Aid had a coupon, but it expired in February.  I can even order direct from the manufacturer, but I want to see if Rite Aid has it first. I need Moist Again STAT.

I've always wanted to feature a box of Moist Again in pictures and video clips, kind of like an homage to Amigo. <b>My Moist Again got me to the Grand Canyon. And Dupont Circle!</b>

I wonder if I can get a discount on a case, and give it as Christmas gifts.  I'll stop rewriting the words to White Christmas before this gets anymore gauche.
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