July 30th, 2006

hedwig (by radiocure)


I ran into someone from church this week, and while we chatted, she paraphrased an Anna Quindlen quote.

It is a strange thing to have deep roots in a place where people pass through.

I have never heard a better summation of life in Mount Pleasant. 

I had forgotten that I wanted to post that quote, until I got a great reminder last night. It was also an expansion on the quote. 

I had an extremely sucky Friday, four very upsetting moments coming on the day that I have the least emotional stamina. A conversation on Saturday morning started me on the climb back out of it, and by Saturday afternoon I was feeling pretty decent.  On Saturday evening, within minutes of each other, I received two awesome phone calls. The first was kmaust, cmuben, and rugbynut2 calling from a bonfire (lovangel9 was also there, among other people lacking LJnames, LIZ!), to say hey and that they missed me.  The second was from coell, but I didn't answer because I  was off getting ready for bed and didn't hear my phone. She left a lovely voicemail.  Sorry I didn't call you back last night, Cyn. 

That's the magic of some types of roots, they don't just grow into the ground.  My roots reach for people first, and more often than not (Friday being the only exception I can think of right now), the love/affinity/energy/whatever I share with them sustains and grounds me.  Friday was a learning moment, the importance of having strong roots of other types, too, to support you when people in your life go a little crazy.  But that is a post for another time.

Yes, it is a strange and wonderful thing to have deep roots in a place where people pass through, but it is even more amazing to be in a place that helps you establish deep roots with people, that, even when they aren't here, can still support and love you and help you find your balance.  I am so blessed for the people and places in my life. 

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