November 4th, 2008

hedwig (by radiocure)

Writer's Block: Secret Ballot

It's hard to ignore the fact that today is Election Day in the U.S. If you went to the polls today, tell us what it was like. Long line? Free stickers? Hanging chads? We want the details.

You don't realize how important parking space size is until you have to go to your rural township hall and try to park between a Ford F-250 and a Dodge Ram extended cab. Ah, the joys of living in the country.

Also, in theory, I'm a fan of bringing children to the polls to give them a taste of the democratic process. In reality, if the kid behind me whined anymore, I would be facing a murder rap right now. That, combined with the fact that the A-I registration checker (where I go) was 90 times slower than the other parts of the alphabet, set my teeth on edge. Once I got through those two hurdles, however, the rest went really quick. Voting straight ticket is a wonderful thing.