February 5th, 2009

hedwig (by radiocure)

When it's right, The Creative provides

First interview with casino went very well this morning. I got turned around on the way there, was starting to think I wouldn't make it in time, but then I turned on a road that ended at the building I needed to be at. Turns out there's a little screening test, but it's basic math, so I kick its butt. The final piece of good luck/fate? My interviewer is a Central grad, and we completely clicked. I've never felt this good about an interview.

I think this may destined.

I'm supposed to get an email about round two interviews in the next couple of weeks. I got the vibe that she was leaning more toward making me a dealer than the IT position I was pushing for, but I'm sure I can transfer when I finish my degree in a year.
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