April 16th, 2009

hedwig (by radiocure)

My A+ Story

Okay, many have seen my facebook blurb that briefly summarizes Tuesday's drama. Here is the elaboration, to help me remember the lessons I should learn from this "adventure".

Planned on taking my A+ exams, both of them, the Wednesday after spring break. When I scheduled, it gave me time to leisurely review the material, since I wasn't terribly worried about failing.

I spent the last half of spring break sick with a head cold, so I decided that I would call Tuesday morning to reschedule my exams, since I was told that I could reschedule as long as I gave more than 24 hours' notice and Tuesday was the first day I was going to be leaving the house, and my cell barely works at home.

I drove to Battle Creek Tuesday morning for school, and before I went into the building for class, I called to reschedule, and I was told that my tests couldn't be rescheduled, AS THEY WERE TODAY. They gave me the number for Prometric customer service, where I got to talk to the poorest excuse for a customer service rep EVER. He made Sprint's customer service look good! I was refused a chance to reschedule, but was told I could place an appeal with the possibility of a refund. Yeah, like Prometric has ever refunded a dime. So, I felt my options were to throw away $300 (appeal process), or possibly throw away $300 (attempt tests).

I make a mad dash home to study for two hours, since home is the same direction as Grand Rapids, where I have to go to take my tests. I have a severe panic moment, when my review reminds me of all the minutiae that makes up a significant portion of the test (The number of pins on an IDE cable can kiss my ass, is all I'm sayin'). I again consider the appeals process, but since I would have to leave the house to file the appeal anyway (no internet), going down with a fight still seems the best option.

Long story short (TOO LATE), I went, I tested, I conquered, and by conquered mean I passed the first test by the skin of my teeth, but passed the second test with a comfortable margin. I'm very comfortable with the testing center now, and am ready to return in a few weeks to take the first half of my CCNA.

Lessons Learned
1. Even if you see someone glance at a calendar when you request an appointment on a specific day of the week, CHECK TO MAKE SURE THEY GOT IT RIGHT!
2. Sometimes a head cold, no matter how bad the sinus pressure, is a gift from the universe, trying to save you $300
3. This crappy cell service at home sucks. Consider getting a landline, since you live in the taint of the asscrack of nowhere.
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hedwig (by radiocure)

Picking one with Bones

Oh for the love of Jenna Von Oy!

How far the lame teen star of yesteryear has fallen. Mayim Bialik guest starring on a crime procedural, and she wasn't even the killer? Playing the homely-looking best friend of a beauty and marriage obsessed C You Next Tuesday, and she didn't even get to be the killer?!? Her part was that of a glorified extra! You see her for 2 minutes, and she has 2 lines!!!

The only thing to say is . . .