Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director (hapgood) wrote,
Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director

movies: in Step(ford) with the times

Forearmed by charlesland's scathing review, knoph and I went to see The Stepford Wives. Without Richard's warning, I would have been pissed; I've had high expectations for this movie for months. Since I expected it to be bad, I actually enjoyed the uber-campy bits, and just kind of tuned out for the slow, drawn out, not well thought out parts.

The original is campy on accident, and I'm glad they didn't try to do that in the remake. The way over the top campiness was the only way to make this fresh. The movie is really designed for people who saw (and loved) the original. I wouldn't expect newcomers to it to enjoy it much at all.

Back to my book, what John tore me away from for the film. Goodnight.

p.s. She's fabulous!

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