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books: One more turn until the clearing

just finished

It didn't quite live up to my expectations created by the end of Wolves of the Calla, but it was an enjoyable read. It feels so odd knowing that this series will be over in September. For most of my reading life, I have been waiting for the next dark tower book. I read the first two in late middle school (or was it early high school?), and had to wait for Waste Lands (in high school), Wizard and Glass (in community college), and now the most recent two (three?).

Reading these books kind of helps me understand Jason's obsession with The Matrix. Just like The Matrix, when you closely examine these books, the flaws show and they lose a lot of their magic. I still can't help but be drawn to the Dark Tower, however (as opposed to The Matrix, which I summarize as "oooh, we're cryptic, so we must be deep and meaningful!"). Even with the stumbles it makes, I believe this is the best series I've ever read. It feels meatier, more important, than Valdemar, and better structured than John Bellairs.

Since a steaming pile of horse crap has more interest for me than Wheel of Time anymore, I won't even compare the two.

I think this ends my leisure reading for a while, anyway. I have so many counseling books that I want to read, I'm changing my focus for the time being. Maybe until The Dark Tower and the next Anita Blake book are released in the fall.

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