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The art of the Meanwhile

So, while in the shower, as usual, I had more thoughts. I seem to do my best thinking in there. Maybe I do it on purpose, so I can spend more time under the jets.

Anyway, my thoughts turned back to Broken Hearts Club, how I loved this movie from the first scene the first time I saw it.

It's all about the definition of the meanwhile.

Back in the day, when I worked at the grocery store(1995-1997), when I was only out to a few people, I invented my own version of the meanwhile, years before meanwhile meant Meanwhile.

I called it Life Sucks. Whenever one of my coworkers who were in on the LS tip or I said LS, we would all scan the store for the piece of Man Candy walking by. Since we worked service counter, we had a great view of most of the store. We later changed it to "What a Day!" as it was more customer friendly (old ladies tend to get an uptight look when you say suck).

I thought we were the only people in the world who had a code for Check Out That Man! It's nice to know that we weren't alone.

The odd thing is, I still say Whatta Day. Old habits die hard.

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