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books: Define leisure reading(said in my best Bill Clinton voice)

I don't know if I shared this in my journal, but I decided to devote my summer (after song of susannah) to reading counseling related books(marking the end of this period with the new laurell K Hamilton and the last Dark Tower book in early fall). There are so many good, oft-cited books out there, that I feel I have to make an attempt to stay current.

Well, I'm going to take a brief pause, because the library is holding the Bill Clinton book for me!

Bring on the TRASH (pronounced Tray-Ash). This behemoth of a book (I looked at it in Wal-Mart last night and it has to be four inches thick) better mention the Gap dress, AND Gennifer Flowers.

p.s. I also slipped in a read of The Stepford Wives last weekend, but it only took me a couple hours, so it barely counts (I'm such a cheater)

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