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movie: The importance of being earnest about a bad movie(spoiler free)

While I'm not ready to call the Orkin man, I was still a little bugged by Spiderman 2. A little drawn out, some interesting concepts poorly executed, and just a general feeling of 'huh', make this a film I'm comfortable with never seeing again. It did inspire me, though.

Things Stewart is inspired to do because of seeing Spiderman 2
1. Develop a therapeutic metaphor based on Peter Parker(Will clarify once it's safe to have a few spoilers floating about).
2. Slap the next street violinist I see.
3. Find hunky astronaut to date.
4. Use the quote You can't get off if you don't get on as often as possible.
5. At the very least, find a hunky astronaut to make out with.

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