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Time for Detox

Picture it:
I'm sitting in the Woldt computer lab, because my roommate has gone home for spring break and my computer is in a location without internet access. I have this urge to print out hundreds of pages of stuff, to make up for the $100 a semester I have paid for the last four years in technology fee.

Sigh. If anything is going to break my LiveJournal addiction, this is it.

Help me. I don't want to lose you.

Before I go home and suffer the torture of backwater Hastings, I am spending a few days all by myself at a friend's apartment. I'm going to chill, and pamper myself, and watch the HBO sunday night (I really hope they didn't fuck up Six Feet Under) and Queer as Folk. I need the alone time before I go home to my dad, who is laid off. Not that I don't love him, if you read my journal at all, you probably know how much he means to me. It's just being at home, away from all of my toys, friends, and personal space, gets kind of dull after awhile. What am I talking about; it gets boring after a couple of hours.

In other news.

I am going to look to see if livejournal has a community devoted to jennifer coolidge. If not, I am starting one. You know you love her. You probably know her as Stifler's Mom, but I think of her as Sheri Ann Cabot, from Best in Show. She is the shiznit.


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