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d2d: There and back again

Thoughts on vacation
This first part was written on 7/25 at about 1130p

Days filled with moments and honesty

Days filled . . .
The day Stephanie(steffer71) and I left for New York and the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival was filled with contrasts. I was stressed out from running behind with packing/prep work, but was filled with calm from having an amazing session with a client, a personal best for me. I was filled with excitement to leave my life behind me for nine days, but was freaking out because I've never been away from Monette for that long. I received my comprehensive exam scores, which I passed with a very comfortable margin, but had a horrific driving experience involving poor signage in Canada and one bastard of a detour in Upstate Western New York.

Once we arrived at the festival site, the weather provided its own special contrast, with two days of sweltering heat and one of torrential downpour being balanced by one perfect day. We were very busy, but it was worth it.

. . . with moments . . .
like . . .
Falling on my ass in the mud and having Aoife (pronounced E-Fuh) O'Donovan (of Aoife O'Donovan and Crooked Still) ask me if I was okay.

Being surrounded by people successfully living with value systems similar to my own. Seeing signs posted on porta-potties that say "Bush campaign donations accepted here" was like returning to the mother ship. It's nice to be in the majority for a change.

Standing fifty feet from Lucy Kaplansky while she brings me to tears with her voice and perfect lyrics.

Teasing Stephanie, telling her that she was two wine coolers and twenty minutes away from making out with a girl.

Finding out that the person I was a little short with was RICHARD SHINDELL.

. . . and honesty.
Life has once again provided me with mentors to help me on my way. While one of them was a massage therapist who gave me a chair massage one day and followed it up with a hug the next day (she felt I NEEDED it), the most notable was our "neighbor", a wounded woman working through her own healing process. Like many of the people sent to me lately, she could see through my defenses. She offered me some guidance regarding self-care and encouraged me to continue with my healing process (SEE synchronistic side note below). I feel bad that I wasn't able to give her anything like what she gave me. Thank you for coming into my life.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about being American and those that have power within this system (basically, those with money). I looked at people at the festival, people who have no power but their voice, and I gained hope from the fact that they USE the power they have. Maybe it creates no great change, but it's worse to not stand up for what you believe in because others have more power than you. It's learning to scream all over again (thank you Joy Luck Club).

and the rest . . . Written now
After leaving the Folk Festival, Steph and I visited with her friends in New York, the people she grew close to when she was a nanny there several years ago. We then made the long trip back, stopping off in Ann Arbor for a bubble tea excursion with mister_biv. Bubble tea was actually good! We made it back to Mt P about 3am on Wednesday morning. All things considered, it was an amazing vacation, and I'm more than ready to pick my life back up.

SYNCHRONISTIC SIDE NOTE: When we made it back to my apartment, we left everything in the car, so I had to find a book to read in the house. The book I picked up at random, Tarot for Self Discovery had an appendix on chakra work, a major topic of conversation between K and I. This appendix referenced two other books on chakra work, and one of them was available in the CMU library. It all happens for a reason.

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