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This one was so good, I had to post the whole thing

This is the scrambly thing, but this one I really liked. I will bold the really poignant stuff.

The definition of backwater Hastings, I guess said LS tip or I shouldn't use morning in other the Meanwhile. Yes, can imbed? It's all of the only out to lose you read my actual journal at all the store; for the first time before I loved this urge to have this movie from best in the time before I worked at all by. I invented my back, to print Out of the place. I think of your account, change hapgood in the Meanwhile: morning in own version of this her as it definitely a sem ester I doing yet another story on the torture of Man, pages most of money, I will see the opening night I do It: out my own computer lab, because they are the Man Candy walking by myself, at home, and suffer the meanwhile, years in the hot water pressure, where I thought talking about; the alone.

And now it is time for my first poll. Monica, pay attention

Poll #21421 Prose by any other name?

Should Monica use my Man Candy line in Poetry class?

Yes, mmm Man Candy
No, you freak
Yes, but only if she works "hands" into it
No, freaky girl will probably think Monica is trying to steal her teacher/lover man
No, but can I have the Man Candy anyway?

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