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trivia: Who got to ride in the big boat?

Had a conversation with someone the other day about the passengers on Noah's Ark. I thought it was Noah and his wife and Noah's sons and their wives. The other person thought that Noah's daughters and their husbands were also on board.

Turns out I was right (for a non-christian, I'm quite adept at bible trivia). Thank you internet bible concordance. Also, thank you Madeline L'Engle for Many Waters, probably the real reason I know anything about Noah. You just can't read about the Murray family without reading about the one adventure the twins get to have (excluding their brief appearances in Poly's life in the later books).

Thinking about the Murray books, I'm realizing I kind of had a crush on Charles Wallace. Do you think he was a 'mo? I'm pretty sure that the later books don't mention a love interest (he's always travelling for the government).


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Aug. 29th, 2004 11:01 am (UTC)

It was Noah and his wife and Noah's sons and their wives. And a shit load of animals and other thingies..
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