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- Why didn't I get the memo that Disney made A Wrinkle in Time into a movie(see previous post)? It doesn't look like it's airing on disney right now, but it will be out on DVD in November.

- Clay Aiken recorded Proud of Your Boy for the Aladdin platinum edition DVD. John Barrowman was robbed.

- Holt shit!!! I switched back to http://www.ultimatedisney.com for a minute and saw that THEY ARE MAKING MOVIES OF THE NARNIA SERIES. I think I just peed a little. They are starting with the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, thumbing their nose at the reordering of the series in recent years. Hopefully HP and LOTR have set the bar high enough that these won't suck. Of course, I've never watched the BBC versions. Watchable?

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