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lj: a meme a day, keeps the LJsnobs away

Popular interests among hapgood's friends
1. movies (21) 11. computers (11)
2. music (21) 12. six feet under (10)
3. reading (18) 13. men (10)
4. friends (15) 14. central michigan university (10)
5. writing (14) 15. sex and the city (9)
6. harry potter (13) 16. thunderstorms (9)
7. love (13) 17. star trek (9)
8. gay (12) 18. laughing (9)
9. sex (11) 19. poetry (9)
10. queer as folk (11) 20. dancing (9)
Interests gestalt
My most interesting friend is hapgood who has 14 of these interests,
followed by koapthesql (11), benson3 (11) and gaymafiakingpin (10).
Normality Index
My friends are 77.1% normal.
Analyze me !
Popular interests created by _imran_

I shall now do an interpretive dance titled "I am my own most interesting friend" NOTE: I will not be using Jazz Hands or Spirit Fingers in this work.

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