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music: iPod Scultping

Some people are perfectionistic about their bodies, or the work they produce.

I'm obsessing over my iTunes/iPod music library.

I broke 10,000 the other day on the iPod, so I decided it was time to start the error checking I've been putting off, finding duplicate songs, fixing song title errors, assigning genres and groupings to music that make sense to me instead of the music industry, etc. I'm starting to realize that there is no way to cheat this process; it's going to take months, and I just have to suck it up and do it a little bit at a time. It took spending over two hours today on the internet scouring for a program that would find duplicate songs AND take bitrate into account (I have two versions of every song encoded, a 320 MP4 and a 128 MP4), installing said program, using said program, and then finding out that some of the songs I deleted weren't actually duplicates (yeah! I get to dig up the cd or original download of the file to re-encode it) to make me realize the error of my ways.

Surprisingly enough, the twenty-minutes I spent going through Rufus Wainwright albums in iTunes was more gratifying. I know that I have 52 duplicate-free RW songs on the iPod and that gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I'm going to look at this as Tantric Organization, and go for the more subtle but overall more intense satisfaction of sustained experience. Who needs an Organize-asm?

I feel better. Thanks for the vent.

p.s. Does anyone know anything about Apple Lossless? I'm thinking about slowly replacing the 320 versions with AL versions, but don't want to commit to that if AL sucks. If you have the scoop, please let me know. Better yet, let me ship you a 300 GB Maxtor and my CDs and let you encode them all in AL for me. I think I'm kidding (but probably not).

p.p.s. I bought an iTalk! I found it for $30 at ecost.com. I already have a devilish plan for it tomorrow involving me, the PVR, and Busy Phillips. More on this later.

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