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For those of you who need help in knowing which way to vote . . .

For those who don't follow monica's journal, here are her public posts about poetry class.

Monica Mocks Writes a Poem

This is an excerpt from another entry of the goddess formerly known as Monica
I ran into my bud from poetry class, *MADONNA*(names changed to protect the innocent), last night. We were discussing this girl in our class who is completely annoying. For explanatory purposes, let me call her "Arm Girl"...

K, so "ARM GIRL" always references arms in her poetry...or so I've noticed. She's also hot for our prof, who, I might add, is married AND a Harvard graduate. The two of them go at it every class and it's disgustingly vile. "ARM GIRL" will constantly lick her lips and nod vigorously every time the prof suggests anything to her. She also says, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" with the fervour of an Herbal Essences commercial. Anywho, I thought that me and my poetry cronies were the only ones annoyed by "ARM GIRL," but apparently this isn't so. I ran into another person in our class on Thursday night at the Bird for happy hour. His comment- "Was class last night fucked up or what?!" I agreed.

So, this brings me to my run-in with *MADONNA*. She informs me that she, too, talked with someone else from class who is also completely irritated with "ARM GIRL." It shouldn't be called Poetry Workshop anymore...it should be changed to ARM GIRL'S THREE-HOUR FLIRTATION WITH PROF COMPLETE WITH INCOHERENT BABBLING CRAP ABOUT GOD KNOWS WHAT. Yeah, that's the new course description.

Anywho, this week's assignment is to write a narrative monologue- where it is clear that the 'voice' is not our own. *MADONNA's* idea, which also entered my head as an idea, is to have the WHOLE class write either from ARM GIRL or the prof's perspective. Namely, so we can make it some torrid love affair. Yes, we are evil...but we have senses of humor.

I wouldn't have so much a problem with the girl if we didn't go over her poems EVERY class. Hello, there are other people. I hate that I have to sit there and come up with something constructive when all she does is write about other people's works in her pieces. There is absolutely none of HER in what she writes. She spends all her time referencing obscurity. THAT, in itself, is okay to do at times, but when your poetry becomes nothing but a complete reference to everything and everyone else to the point that no one understands ANYTHING you've written- what is the point? What are you accomplishing, really? I'd like to know.

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