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Thank you, poll voters! I'm declaring it a 12 to 6 victory over the Carol/JoAnne camp. They both insisted that 27 is definitely late twenties, and I disagreed, pushing for the mid-to-late category.

Had my first "real" class of the semester last night (everything else is independant study). Out of 13 people, I know three very well, have had classes with one, and know one other through community events (drug court). 5/13 (6 if I count myself), I would have never guessed. I'm pumped that one of them is Marquite from Admissions. I've missed her. A bonus-one of the people I don't know is hot! Will be making it a point to get to slobber on know him.

Woke up slightly obsessed with A Little Night Music. On my second consecutive listen-through, will have to change to something else soon.

Watched Supersize Me last night. Had a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast.

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