Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director (hapgood) wrote,
Dr. Hapgood, your cruise director

omt: I've been Saved

Posting this to cmu_pinkos 'cause I'm in a weird mood.

So I saw the movie Saved! yesterday. I was so moved, I decided that I too would start a Girl Gang for Jesus.

Who's with me?

some answers to your questions . . .

But, Hapgood, you're not a girl
While it's true that I am, in fact, not a girl, I realized that I would want MY Girl Gang for Jesus to be inclusive and open to all people seeking membership. Besides, I considered a Gay Guy Gang for Jesus, or just a Gay Gang for Jesus, and it just doesn't sound right. You say "Gay Gang" over and over and you'll see what I mean. It's sounds a little too much like machine gun fire, and MY Girl Gang for Jesus is not about violence.

But, Hapgood, you're not Christian
Why is that important? I don't recall seeing a rule stating that only people who believe Jesus was the son of a monotheistic male deity could establish a Girl Gang in his honor. I may believe that Jesus was just a human being who is now dead, but I think he was a pretty awesome human being. He had an excellent message and was quite adept at public speaking. In these aspects, I strive to be more christ-like, so I choose to honor the guy with a Girl Gang.

So what IS your Girl Gang for Jesus about?
I'd like to take a moment and clarify an issue. While it currently is MY Girl Gang for Jesus, as I am the only member, I don't believe that my beliefs should be the only guiding principles of this potential organization. As members join, I expect OUR Girl Gang for Jesus to change and grow, reflecting the diverse ideas and passions of the membership. As one member among many(possibly), my voice would strongly advocate for a compassionate acceptance and welcome for all people seeking admission. Hopefully, some other member will design a t-shirt for us to wear.

How do I sign up?
After making the decision to join a Girl Gang for Jesus, you mostly do nothing, just acknowledge that you are a member of a group dedicated to the awesomnicity of Jesus Christ. Maybe eventually, we will reach out to the Pinkos for some emotional support and attend one of their many celebratory events, possibly convincing them to view Saved, the movie that started a phenomena.

In His Name, Ramen. I mean Amen. I think (we'll vote later).

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