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music: roots

Woke up thinking about Aspects of Love, so listened to all of it today. I realized that I found Aspects just over a decade ago, as I was stretching past Phantom, just learning to love musical theater. I've come so far.

I'm now listening to Caroline, or Change(C is close to A, and I still needed more showtune after tiring of Aspects), and I'm loving Emmie Thibodeux. I Hate the Bus is amazing.

Going back to it now.


Oct. 18th, 2004 04:39 pm (UTC)
is it the ALW premiere collection encore video? I seem to remember that having First Man You Remember, and Anything But Lonely on it.

I think of Aspects as ALW's trap show. You liked Phantom, you check out Aspects, and then make the mistake that he is a really good theatrical artist. and then you check out the rest of his work. sigh. Then you look at Phantom and Aspects again and see the holes. He's designed to destroy himself.

Yeah, I've been at work too long and need to leave. Pardon the oddness.