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omt: Amer-I-Can?

I don't know if I'll ever understand what my responsibilities are as an American. Some people want America to be a home for their ideals alone, relegating everyone else's ideas to the bonfire labeled "wrong". I am confronted by these conflicting ideas everyday.

Just watched an episode of Cold Case where the dead people were abortion activists in 1969. I cry, because I believe in these Americans.

I don't eat at the only passable ice cream place in Mount Pleasant, because one of the owners put her name behind a pro-life organization. I feel that it is my responsibility. Is it?

I love the musical Assassins, the fact that it honors a segment of American society that is almost universally reviled. I believe that until we can honor all Americans, we aren't doing our job.

I get so angry when people try to tell others how to live their lives, yet I want child molesters and rapists to pay.

Is that where my conflict is, I want universal acceptance, up to a point? Hypocrisy as an answer?

I just want to understand.

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